The club has many active divers, and most are used to making the most of conditions that the Taranaki coast offers.

During summer, fantastic diving visibility can be had on many varied sites close to shore and further afield.

Winter diving can become more challenging, not just with reduced water temperature’s, but also reduced visibility.Water temperatures vary during the year. During winter the sea surface temperature can drop to 12 degrees, and during summer can hit peaks of 21 / 22 degrees, though 20/21 degrees is typical from Janurary to April.

Club members participate in a range of activities including:

  •  Underwater photography
  •  Spearfishing / freediving
  •  Cray hunting
  •  Scenic diving within the various marine reserves off the Taranaki coast

NPSUC is proudly affiliated to the NZ Underwater Association 


For contact with the club’s Dive Delegate, Dave Gibson 0274 712 012